Who are we


Bimbi Bellhouse and her husband Spencer Power have enjoyed rural life in Abruzzo for 10 years, running their olive groves, project-managing various sizeable refurbishments locally for clients, entertaining friends and family in their large, comfortable farmhouse, and even finding time to organise a yearly Art Show in the hilltop town of Casoli every summer.

Kim and Stewart Evans have retired to Palombaro on the other side of the valley, taking a hugely active part in village life, enjoying being part of whatever is going on, including line –dancing every Friday night.

Bimbi and Kim have set up Mirabilia Olive Leaf Tea in an effort to maximise the local resources, to provide employment in an area where work on the land is dying out as the young people migrate to the cities, and most importantly to safeguard the ancient and historic olive groves from the onset of open-cast mining which is absolutely iniquitous in an area of outstanding natural beauty such as Piano La Roma.

“ Our team of pickers, all local ladies of a certain age, are amazingly enthusiastic about their work. They can remember their grandmothers talking about the benefits of olive leaf tea and are thrilled to be part of this revival of local culture and tradition. Everyone involved in this project is proud to be taking part, seeing it not only as a positive benefit to the region but also as a fun and satisfying way of working together on the land.

Not only the tea, hand-picked in our organic groves, but also the packaging, the labels and bags, even the machine that helps weigh and pack the tea, have all been locally sourced as we have an unswerving commitment to the area and to the community.”